Reports indicate that most Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers charge their vehicles overnight at home. The owners of EVs who install a charging station at home will charge their vehicle at night just as they do their mobile phones. The time you save by not having to worry about the car, or your phone while sleeping will allow you to be prepared for when you leave the following morning. Apartments equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles help reduce stress and simplify life.

You no longer need to find one of the limited charging stations in public places or at work. No need to wait for the perfect moment; recharge while you prepare dinner, help your children with homework or relax. Through an electric car charger installation at your home, you can save the time required to drive to a public charging station to wait – sometimes for several hours – until it has sufficient range.

Saving Expenses

Renters who are unable or unwilling to repower at their rentals must do so elsewhere. This could be at a public charger, at their workplace, etc. The cheapest station may not be the most convenient one. These stations are available at different prices. This makes it a less expensive electric car charger installation option, as landlords are able to include this cost in a lease and give tenants discounts.

A white car is plugged into an ev charger.

Owners of public charging station include in their fees the costs associated with their overhead, in addition to the cost of electricity. These costs include the cost of rent or mortgage, the charge for the charging station, its upkeep, and the revenue. These costs include time, as well as the possibility that customers will purchase goods at public charging station locations.

Intelligent and wisely pre-emptive

You won’t need to stand in line at public chargers or be stopped if you have an EV at home. It’s possible to configure your EV so that it charges while you sleep. You can then plug in the charger whenever you want, ensuring you have enough range for when you awaken. However, there are ways to lower the price of your charge at home.

Consider looking for cheaper electricity plans and tariffs or even those for electric vehicles. The ideal times for charging your vehicle are usually weekend or off-peak, such as overnight. It is to save you money because the electricity costs are lower during these times. It is only possible if your charger is always at home and you use it during the off-peak hour. Solar power systems can generate electricity and even more. It is cheaper to use solar power than the grid.

Efficiently Extend Battery Health

Although public chargers are faster than charging at home, the devices can damage your batteries more. Rapid charging could damage the battery by increasing its temperature. You can delay the degeneration of batteries by using home chargers.

Although the battery is charged more slowly at home because it’s already there, you shouldn’t have a problem. Studies have shown that supercharging an Electric Vehicle more frequently can age the battery faster.

A white car is plugged into a charging station in front of a house.

Appreciation of Property Value

Property owners say that properties equipped with home chargers have a high demand. Due to this, they can sell or rent their properties more quickly. They may even be able to charge a higher price. The value of whole communities can be increased by home chargers. It is vital for property owners to make Electric Vehicle charging stations accessible in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract tenants.

Another reason for property owners to take immediate action is that tax incentives are available in multiple states and municipalities. The government funds state subsidies to encourage EVs and EV charging stations. The advantages of EVs are considerable, regardless of the jurisdiction or utility.

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